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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Calling all Knitters and Crocheters: The Brothers Rodent Cuddle Caps

Special Announcement: 
Calling all Knitters and Crocheters: 
The Brothers Rodent Cuddle Caps and Scarves

Gopher and his little brother Squirrel are spending more and more time working with kids who have lost their hair due to various medical treatments for their medical conditions. The kids are an inspiration to all us and we wanted to give back to them just a little more but will need the help of our knitting community. We will be giving these gifts to kids as we visit them as therapy animal teams while they are undergoing treatment.

Thank you to the boys, Aunt Carla who is an expert knitter and took us shopping to find exactly what we are looking for in order to get this ongoing mission of helping to these wonderful kids keep their heads warm. She is also going to be teaching us how to make these caps, so fingers crossed. Thank you also to the boys Aunt Emily for her support and information, I know we will be seeing several caps from Ohio and she will also be helping share our mission.

What are we looking for?

·      Chemo caps or Skull Caps in a range of sizes from youth to adult.

      Example patterns (feel free to be creative these are just guidelines to get you started) Thank you Carla for finding the patterns.

·      The Brothers Rodents Cuddle Caps should be both soft and durable. We have selected Caron Simply Soft as our preferential yarn, but welcome knitters to use a brand they may like better the key is to be soft and easily washable.

·      Colors!! This is key, we want each of the caps to use two colors and only two colors. Once again our preference is the Caron Simply Soft Colors Dark Sage (9707) and Iris (9747). We welcome knitters to use their preference. Please keep to similar to these two colors a deep green and a royal purple. These are the boy’s puppy collars and we use their colors while working and are keeping with this theme. There are no specifications on how the two colors are used on the caps so please be as creative as you desire.

·      Tags!! Do you personalize your work with a tag? Please feel free to do this as well. Please sew the tags to the outside of the caps.

·      Where? Please mail all completed caps to:
                              The Brothers Rodent Cuddle Caps
c/o Midwest Animal Rescue & Services           
4080 83rd Ave N
Brooklyn Park MN 55443

·      When? This will be on-going, we will begin handing out the caps as soon as we get some made ourselves.

·      What else to do? Share this with your knitting groups and friends, and share some more. We will keep handing them out to the kids!

A little inspiration, Gopher with one of his kids. 

To get some practice as a new person to knitting I made this scarf for Gopher to wear when we hand these out. Not too bad and Gopher looks pretty handsome if I do say so myself.

Thank you so much for your time and considering this project. We will be keeping you updated and hope to have images of samples up soon.

If you are an administrator at a hospital that offers Children's Oncology in the Twin Cities Metro, Des Moines, Iowa, Aberdeen or Watertown, South Dakota and would like the Brothers Rodent to come for a visit. Please contact

UPDATE 11/4/2013:
Just spoke with the mom of one of our patients. Scarves are also something desired. So we are expanding beyond caps to scarves. Preferential yarn still the same, two colors remain the same as well!

UPDATE 11/7/2013:
Due to multiple requests we have set up the following page. Contributions collected here will be used to purchase kits which will include yarn, postage, and return postage for completed projects. This is to help those who have the desire to donate their talents but lack the resources currently.

In lieu of funds you can also send materials directly to the address listed above.

Thank you!!


  1. Something I can do! Did you say you had a pattern?

    1. There is no set pattern, there is a link to some pattern ideas in the article. Please feel free to be creative, and use the link to foster ideas.

      Thank you!

  2. Hi there. Are the hats just limited to Chemo caps, or can they be any type of cap, beanie, etc. I have never done hats for cancer patients so I don't know if anything outside the realm of chemo cap is appropriate. Please let me know. Thank you..

    1. Any hat would be fine, we have had the opportunity to give away a diverse styles. Thank you so much! Gopher, Squirrel, Carla and Chad.