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Sunday, August 30, 2015


Personal information obtained on therapy visits is confidential. When applicable the name/location/sex/condition of persons visited may be changed to protect privacy. However, the interactions, conversations are true and did occur as written. 

Gopher, Squirrel, Chad, and Carla are all volunteers. They do not officially represent any institution that may be mentioned.

Sometimes it’s a pedicure…pawticure…

We don’t do costumes; we don’t play dress up with either of the Brothers Rodent.  Not only is it not allowed per our registering organization, we have always felt it takes away from the dog more than it ever adds.

There is one exception, will it help the patient? Will doing this help our patients and even for a moment bring them joy? As long as it will not do any harm, and it helps we do allow a few exceptions.
This is what happened a few weeks ago while visiting. It has happened before but courtesy of publicly available images given out by the facility we can share with you Gopher getting his pawticure?


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