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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: 100th Visit

A couple of weeks ago I had to acquire the hours I have worked in order to complete paperwork to become an evaluator for PetPartners. The number of hours in total was a surprise, but what was interesting we the discovery that Gopher was on the verge of his 100th hour at one of his favorite facilities to visit. This caused us to plan a celebration.

We announced his 100th visit on his facebook page (HRH King Gopher, THD) and shared a meme created from an image of his first visit. 

Unfortunately he didn't get his request here is the image taken on his 100th visit.

Don't despair though. Gopher had a great visit, and it was a busy night! He was able to hang out with Holly and Giaco who always brings the most delicious treats. There were a lot of kids and families and he once again helped at the craft table. 

When he got home we celebrated with blueberry pancakes and bacon!

After impatiently posing for his photo opportunity with drool running to the floor. He was able to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Congratulations Gopher on your 100th visit, looking forward to our next 100. Just maybe Ronald will pet you sometime......


  1. Nice job Gopher! I am also impressed at the way you gobbled down those pancakes! Delicious and well deserved!

  2. Yay, Gopher! ...and Congratulations!

    PeeEsss... We always thought that Ronald guy was kind of standoffish...