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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Family Time

Gopher and I had the best time last night. We completed our shadowing for a new facility with our favorite fellow team Carla and Squirrel. Yes, it appears as if this is becoming the 'family business' and we could not be happier. Since Squirrel registered we have had several opportunities to work in a group setting, but now we are moving on to the next adventure and will be dividing a hospital and visiting as many patients who want to see our respective partners as is possible.

It is so much fun to have the run to help as many people as possible in a metro hospital, and this particular facility is lacking in teams, we literally tripled the number of teams coming here. It was a fun night, new lessons, new uniforms and an abundance of smiles.

It was also probably the last time that I will have the pleasure of shadowing Dave and Sasha since I am not interested in expanding into any additional facilities. Dave is a great role model in the local pet therapy community, his work with Sasha made him a 'pioneer of sorts' for Animal Assisted Interactions in the Twin Cities metro. His time and persistence has opened many doors and helped to establish a solid reliable method of volunteering as a therapy animal team. It is always an honor to work alongside him, and spend some time talking to him. Thank you Dave and Sasha for all that you have done for so many. Pardon the lower video quality, but this is a great story about Sasha and Dave.

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