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Monday, September 24, 2012

Gopher Cards

Therapy teams throughout the world are known to leave mementos of their visits with patients whether they are long term or short term. This can be just about anything, educational items, photos, but never food. One popular item to leave is trading cards.

It is so much fun when entering a patients room to discover they have posted the various trading cards of the animals who visit with them, even better when they say, "These are my doggies, they live with someone else, but they are mine." They then in turn tell you the story about each of the teams they see.

Gopher is now on series 2 of his trading card, and Squirrel is on series 1.

Gopher Series One:

This first card was the gift of our dear friends and fellow therapy team Lisa and Kodi. They came to us at a special time and was such a generous gesture that we hold both this card and Lisa and Kodi in high esteem. This also introduced me to Dave at After flying through these rather quickly with only a very few remaining one to be sent to our contest winner Finn Howard, it was time to order more. There are multiple companies and people that do this work. I was extremely impressed with Dave and company due to the sturdiness of the card, and his ability to take a non-creative persons idea and make an incredible card. So we had to use him again. This is an extra to therapy work, but for those of you considering this path, include in your planning an idea for a memento as it goes a long way in the patient getting to reflect on the experience when you and your partner cannot be there. We used Dave for Gopher Series 2 and Squirrel series 1 and have had great luck with Custom Sports Cards, should you choose to use them.

Gopher Series 2

Squirrel Series One:


  1. Oh I love them! Sam just passed his therapy dog test yesterday - we are excited to get going!


    1. Congratulations!!! You should contact Dave, I just told him kind of what I wanted and gave him photos he and his team did all of the designing. Patients love them.