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Friday, March 2, 2012


For those of you who are regular readers you know I have eluded to the difficulties in my own life. I am blessed by many things in my life, a loving family, a wonderful wife, a community to friends and although it is a cliche are truly family as well.  Finally last but not least are the dogs in my life whose moments of comfort are irreplaceable. It is this relationship combined with past experiences that has made me focus so much on therapy work with Gopher, that and the personal reminders of strength I have the pleasure of seeing in others facing difficulties that pale my own in comparison. Unfortunately this week we had to lighten our therapy load, but are happily returning to the full load next week. 

This morning, I needed a good cry apparently and I had one, within seconds Gopher was there his fur drying my tears and lessening my anxiety. Then came the remorse that due to our personal situation I had to go on less visits this week, I know how much I needed him, and it reminded me how much our patients need those moments of comfort as well. Next week we will get to return to more visits, with the hope that we won't have to take time off for the same reason again. A good cry, with the comfort of Gopher, I was able to pick myself up and get going again. It also reminded me once again to be thankful of all the things in my own life, and I want to recognize these again.

Thank you to Carla, we have had good times and poor, but we have been blessed as none of these were in our marriage and partnership. Thank you.

Thank you to our loving family, we do not know when this chapter in our lives will pass, but I do not know how we would have made it this far without you. We are truly blessed.

Thank you to our friends. We can never say this enough, but you all can't imagine how much you mean to me, and I know Carla as well.

Thank you to Gopher, there are a lot of things we have taught you, but not nearly as much as you have taught me. 

Finally for those who read this and might be facing difficult times as well I leave you with another cliche, a song to help heal you, remind you that it will get better. I just hope for all of us it is soon. Hug your dog, your friends dog, or if possible a therapy dog, and smile.


  1. Hi Chad,

    Haven't talked to you in awhile but your blog always pops up on my FB news feed and I decided to check it out today. Just wanted to let you know that you are doing amazing things in the world and I'm rooting for things to get easier for you. Keep your head held high.

    1. Thank you Amie. It was also nice to see you the other day.

      Best Wishes,
      C and G