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Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome,

This blog will be a chronicling of my experiences with my therapy dog, Gopher, AKC Registered HRH King Gopher. Here are the quick details about Gopher.

Born 7 August 2008.
Graduated Puppy Kindergarten and 4 levels of Obedience by 16 months old.
Certified as a Therapy Dog with the Delta Society at 18 months.
Foster Brother to countless RAGOM dogs.
Brother to the Earl of Squirrel whom is in training to be a search and rescue dog with MinnSARDA.
Human parents Carla Donovan-Burgess and Chad Burgess.

Gopher is more than just my companion and it has always been our intent to have him this way, he belongs to our community we just get the pleasure or living with him. We purchased Gopher from a reputable breeder with the sole intent of training him to do Therapy Work. What started off as a goal trulychanged the lives of my wife and I, are views on the world, our dog and the impacts we can make. Gopher has made it through much of the rigorous training and I am inviting you to join us as we discuss his experiences.

Now the Dislcaimer:
Names/conditions and other personal information from a Therapy Visit cannot be shared when needed the approximate age and sex of the patient, resident or student visited may be changed.
Chad Burgess, Carla Donovan-Burgess and Gopher are volunteers and do not officially represent any institution mentioned in these visits. The names of the institutions have also been changed and if the name of a person is used it will likely be changed as well. 

The experiences, conversations are true and really took place the names of persons, and institutions have only been changed to protect the privacy of those we visit.

Thank you, I hope you enjoy and I welcome your feedback.

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